custom highlighting / extended highlights?

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Aug 28, 2006 at 7:46 AM
This is a really cool tool.
I'd like to submit an enhancement request though if I may....
I usually develop ASP.NET using VB.NET so would like to see the <% highlighted as well as the VB (at the moment it does either one, or the other)
The other cool thing would for it to have an understanding of the various classes/methods etc so (for instance) in
fileFld.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(uploadDir & PDF))
SaveAs would get highlighted as a method
Server as a class
MapPath as a method
- even if it does this with a simple select and pick a colour (and be smart enough to apply the colour to every instance)... ideally it would learn!
It's not critical... I use EditPlus for a lot of code hacking (doesn't support it), Visual Studio for some (of course does full colour schemes) and skEdit (when I'm coding on my Mac... which does partially... and let's me extend the look-ups for colour coding)
I just like pretty colours ;)